RTL: evaluation transgendergrap Football Inside

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RTL is the three presenters of the program Football Inside appeal on the ’joke’ about VTM-journalist Bo boudewijn Van Spilbeeck that the three men Friday made. “The men, from RTL all the space for their outlook on football and the society to give,” says a spokesman. “That does not mean, however, that everything into a joke. We will have the broadcast of last Friday to take in the next discussion.”

Saw earlier that RTL has no reason to intervene after ’jokes’ of the three men about gay people, which is also a lot of angry comments generated. So was at the table in the program regularly called that gays should not play football, but barber should be, and left the three men battle over same-sex marriages. Also their funny referred to comments about women and minorities are frequently under fire. RTL relied until now on the point of view that Football Inside “unsubtle, crude and controversial, but that there are no limits to be exceeded.”

René van der Jibe made in the broadcast of Friday, known henceforth as ’Renate’, and to live. Then he appeared with a wig. It turned out to be a ’joke’ about boudewijn Van Spilbeeck. Especially Johan Derksen had a lot of fun to the act. “We should not pretend that this is normal”, he said. “But every fool has his lack.”


In december suggested main sponsors Heineken and Gillette with RTL in conversation about the program. Heineken found all the comments “not okay” and Gillette stated “no message to approve that affects people because of skin color, gender, ideas, or sexual orientation.” But the two companies decided eventually not to withdraw as a sponsor.

Homobelangenorganisaties COC and TNT demanded on Saturday in a comment that the sponsors of the program now, however, their cooperation with RTL would terminate. Also the PvdA joined Sunday by this call. The sponsors were Sunday, not for comments to reach.

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