Refugees drowned at Spanish enclave

235f4532057dd3ad7a793714b420dea8 - Refugees drowned at Spanish enclave

MELILLA – near the Spanish enclave of Melilla in North Africa are at least twenty boat people drowned. The lifeless bodies floated on the water and were according to Spanish newspapers by a voorbijvarend passenger ship discovered.

How many people on the boat were present and if there are still missing persons are still unknown. According to the Spanish aid organisation Proactiva Open Arms, there were 47 people on board and are still about 25 people missing.

The dead were by Spanish and Moroccan rescue services recovered a few kilometres from the coast. There with helicopters searched for possible survivors.

The refugees are probably coming from countries south of the Sahara and hoped the Spanish territory to reach.

Spain has in the north of Africa two enclaves surrounded by Morocco. In addition to Melilla is that Ceuta that to the strait of Gibraltar is located. Melilla is located 250 kilometres east of Ceuta.

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