Rebecca Cabau van Kasbergen confirms relationship with Debates

In December last year knew Private to reveal that Rebecca Cabau van Kasbergen (34), the sister of Yolanthe, her eye had been dropped on billionaire Marcel Debates (58). When confirmed nor denied the rumors, now she shares two photos of the new couple on Instagram.

On both photos that Rebecca share on social media, they look radiant. At the last photo, she wrote that she at the Grammy Awards in New York were present.

The wealthy businessman – who according to the Quote is good for 1.8 billion – has after his separation with the Marlies, with whom he has three children, then a half year relationship with Flodder-actress Tatjana Simic. He then served three years together with singer Hind Laroussi. In the end, the two there is a point behind, because they have a desire to have children and he has no children wanted more.

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