PvdA and GroenLinks against homophobia VI-experts

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The PvdA and GroenLinks, stand behind the call of COC Nederland and Transgender Netwerk Nederland to sponsors of Football Inside to the cooperation with the programme on to say. The two interest groups do the call after a series of incidents in the program with a homophobic character. The drop was a ’joke’ about VTM-journalist Bo boudewijn Van Spilbeeck, that as of this week, as a woman by the life.

René van der Jibe made in the broadcast of Friday, known henceforth as ’Renate’, and to live. Then he appeared with a wig. It turned out to be a ’joke’ about boudewijn Van Spilbeeck. Especially Johan Derksen had a lot of fun to the act. “We should not pretend that this is normal”, he said. “But every fool has his lack.”

It is not the first time that Football Inside and are presenters homophobia is blamed. With significant regularity is to a table called that football is no sport for homosexuals. Also make of the Jibe, Derksen and Wilfred Genee often humorous referred to comments about women and minorities.


In december suggested main sponsors Heineken and Gillette with RTL in conversation about the program. Heineken found all the comments “not okay” and Gillette stated “no message to approve that affects people because of skin color, gender, ideas, or sexual orientation.” But the two companies decided eventually not to withdraw as a sponsor.

The COC and TNT “are ready with the sad trans – and homophobia” in the program and want as a matter of urgency in talks with RTL and the sponsors. “Apparently they are, with their ideas about transgenderpersonen and gays deep in the last century linger, and after the umpteenth incident you get the impression that that’s not going to change”, to respond TNN-chairman Fire Berghouwer and COC president Tanja Ineke.


The Labour party endorses the call of the two interest groups, as the pink network of the party on Facebook know. The socialists want to emancipatieminister Ingrid van Engelshoven know whether there is enough being done to combat homo – and transphobia in the Netherlands. Also Let let know to join in the criticism of the COC.

The sponsors were Sunday, not for comments to reach. The KNVB let know in a comment “a very clear point of view on gay acceptance in the world of sports. We have over the past years in many ways hard for. But we are not able to anyone who thinks about football to have to say in the right mind.”

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