Pure Schlager… been a shot in the rose

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Pure Schlager in Puurs has an unparalleled reputation. They were last Saturday already in their eighth year, and of them it is known that they time and time again to extract an incredible penalty poster. All impressive names on one stage: it gives the people good value for their money. It was also in edition 2018 is no different. Yves Segers should open the show, and of Yves, we know that he without difficulty any ambianceliefhebber hot can get. Steve Tielens talked in his own way, the evening skillfully to each other. Second on the bill was Willy Sommers. As always, absolute class! Sam Gooris remains a classic and even female Kelly Pfaff came hubby encourage. Sergio brought even the most doubtful visitor to the dances, and Luc Steeno if the first part close.

Part two was opened by toppertrio The Romeo’s, warranty to make it clear that the party is still not over. Then if schlagerkoningin Laura Lynn on same pace to go further. Jo Vally brought further the necessary portion of Flemish popular music and Bart Kaëll was the successful hekkensluiter. The 2700 enthusiastic people were, however, still a well-liked dessert: The Girls!

Sign up now already February 2, 2019 on your calendar, because then there is the 9th edition of Pure Schlager.

(Kim Wauters)

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