New marriages in Blind Married

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Married the 29-year-old application specialist Three in the second episode of Blind Married on Monday, February 5, by Show, the 30-year-old self-employed bankagent? Or is it Tim from Hofstade, also 30 and an independent insurance agent, which the town hall is waiting for?

Also Esther, the 31-year-old job intermediary based in Mechelen is looking forward to her wedding day and the man who to that package belongs to.

Show know beautiful to share: “Today I’m going to finally get married with the person who three months ago found it for me, and I now want to éindelijk know who that is.” He is the quiet and calm setting… until he is in the town hall ruling at the moment and will be reverberating with the father of his bride-to-be.

In the first episode made the viewer already has knowledge with Wendy and Damiano, which, according to the five experts a very good match could form. Say they, too, like Mike and Marjoram and Aljosja and Sweet, ‘yes”? Damiano can no longer wait: “Let this now go forward, because I am in a situation where I can not. I can’t go out and walk, I can’t pass up the escape ladder way. I must have it.” Will his patience be rewarded? Or there is not immediately a click with Wendy?

Blind Married, Monday 5 February at 20.35 on VTM.

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