Moscow groans under the masses of snow

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MOSCOW – In the Russian capital, Moscow’s public life this weekend almost come to a stop by the record amount of snow that fell. In a short time fell more than 40 inches of snow, alternating with sleet.

Since the beginning of the registration of the weather, there is never so much snow in such a short time cases Russian meteorologists. Thousands also use tire glue to try the roads in the city are still somewhat passable. Pedestrians have difficulty located a path through the snow to jobs and veegploegen but should be worth the entrances of the subway passable.

Of definitely 2000 trees transformed the branches under the weight of the many snow. Also, many power lines snapped. 230 villages south of Moscow, have no power.

At the three major airports are more than 150 flights cancelled due to weather conditions. The temperatures in large parts of Russia come during the day does not exceed 10 degrees.

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