Mol-fan vs Mol-virgo 5: Ruben de Mol, doubt widely

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Mol-fan vs Mol-virgo 5: Ruben de Mol, doubt widely

Loes Haverkort conjured 500 euros from her pocket. / Michel Schnater

Metro’s Constance van Amstel, and Erik Jonk track Who is the Mole. Constance looks for years, for Erik, this is his second season. Each week they discuss the broadcast in the column Mol-fan us. Mol-virgin.

Constance: So hey, am I in time switched! Until now, my points on Loes, but Saturday is full on Simone. Saw you Loes’ exit arrive?

Erik: I curl me still behind my Mole virginity: I can’t see anything coming, haha. I play it now the other way round, Who Is Not The Mole? Is that a good plan?

Constance: Sure, so you can also get there, but actually, especially at the beginning of the game. But say it but: who is not the Mole?

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Erik: Jan and Olcay are not! Those who are fanatical to making money with within rakes. And otherwise we have to make with a fantastic Mole. What you?

The six that Saturday is still in the game.

Constance: Jan is 100 percent not. I doubt Olcay, for fanatical but sometimes strange, however. When, for example, they said that there are no taxi’s were, but one stood. But I also have a new mole in my visor.

Erik: I also, Ruben is the Mole in my Molboekje. All I know, of course again, not exactly sure why, but he is so vague. Who is your mole?

Constance: We’re back on 1 line, Molmaagd! Ruben is so inconspicuous and totally not fanatical, there must be something to it. And he was in the test with the Loes, but he is still in. I doubt seriously the intentions of Stine.

On a yoga mat

Erik: Stine, I have certainly not crossed off, but find her as a Mole to much for the hand. She is a philosopher and that can be mollenspel as a philosopher too play well. And she has the rest day by day on a yoga mat to sit, I know happen to be.

Constance: Oh yes, you sit with each other in yoga?

Erik: No, I read sometimes on Wikipedia.

Constance: Ah so, I thought already. But Stine. She did her best to empty the envelope to the end point, have not been so fanatically seen. And in the puzzle was, according to Moltalk to read: “Stine is the mole. So doubt widely, Erik! Do you have our Si-MOL-e is still seen in action?

A puzzle in which Stine Is The Mole.

Erik: We also have Molcay, eh? But no, Si-MOL-e struck me this time. She Was fat to the moles?

Constance: No! But to think that it was she who those 500 euros from the balloon left, which Loes that could pick it up.

Erik: Look, we have a Mole-fan Constance. Why do I see such things isn’t it? I only see people who do their best and Jan that bonding with anyone close. ‘Perspectives’ was the name of the episode, well I can’t see anything!

Constance: On whom you will put your money for next week?

Very stupid

Erik: In the Mol-app I have my money on Ruben (the highest amount), Simone and Stine spread. I still feel very stupid.

Constance: Yes, spread you must now actually do no more, but of me may you. Maybe I win still!

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