Merkel: still hard coalitieonderhandelingen

BERLIN – German chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) expects difficult negotiations with the SPD and CSU before agreement is reached on a new coalition agreement.

They will with good will, but also with a certain expectation that there will be heavy negotiations, coming to the calls from Sunday”. We know our job and we try to do, Merkel said at the beginning of the decisive coalitieonderhandelingen of the conservative CDU/ CSU and the social democrats of the SPD in Berlin.

,,How long it will take, is now not to say”, she added. ,,Saturday, good work done, but there are still important points that need to be clarified.”

CDU/CSU wants the negotiations as soon as possible to finalize, preferably on Sunday. The purpose of both camps is to come up with a ‘grand coalition’, such as that since 2013 reigns.

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