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“Max Verstappen is the first teammate that me can challenge”

Daniel Ricciardo says that Max Verstappen has his first team-mate who can really challenge them. Beautiful words if you know that the Australian four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel all have as a team-mate had.

Since Max Verstappen promoted from Toro Rosso to the main Red Bull, he is linked to Ricciardo. They are considered to be one of the strongest rijdersduo of the grid and the Australian tells us that it is the first time that a team-mate he was really obligated to each time to do better.

“I’m not saying that I made it in the past easily have had but he is the first who really can challenge,” said Ricciardo against ‘Autosport’. “As I previously worked in a fast turn, full of gas, for example, took, than, I knew that no one that the same way you would dare. Max is going to at least go out and try it also, he learns much faster than some other guys.”

Ricciardo has in the two seasons as team-mate of Verstappen in the final score of the championship each time at the longest end of the deal. Last year the young Dutchman, however, two races to win compared to one copy for Ricciardo and also in the qualifications had Verstappen the upper hand (13-7).

The Australian found himself in 2016, it generally was better than Verstappen: “He had a few brilliant races but during the qualifications and in most of the races I was better.”

This is not to deny that Verstappen improves in terms of the qualifications, but Ricciardo will find it difficult to say who the best was during the races.

“When all the races look, we both have equal good races,” Ricciardo continued. “His good races seem to be a lot better because I during those races was bad.”

He feels that they are well matched, and predicted an exciting battle between the two Red Bulls in 2018.

“In the past, I knew that if I make a small mistake made in the qualification that there still was a chance that I could for him, as I do now, I’m sure that he has me beat. That is true for him of course, if he is not the perfect round of driving, I am for him.”

“That is why he is the better teammate, I would say. We are both better, we can both still a transgression afford because otherwise we will be defeated by the other,” concludes Ricciardo.

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