Luizenmoeder again attracts record number of viewers

9cf3e379370d894d85a141ed96706b31 - Luizenmoeder again attracts record number of viewers

The series of The Luizenmoeder remains good ratings to achieve. The third episode drew last Sunday’s ‘live’ a record number of 2.4 million viewers. But this episode has now a record ‘delayed viewing’. In the week after the broadcast were 1.5 million people.

It is the first time that there was ‘postponed’ so many people watch a programme, confirm the Foundation for sight examination Sunday. The total number of viewers of The Luizenmoeder is 3.9 million people. Here comes another, as the figures from the ‘online’ viewers are not until next week.

The previous record ‘delayed viewing’ was also the name of The Luizenmoeder. To the second episode looked at delayed 1.2 million people.

The series, with Henry van Loon and Jennifer Hoffman, tells about the troubles of Miss Ank, schoolmaster Anton and mother Hannah elementary school in Ivy.

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