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Lierse and Beerschot Wilrijk receive conditional punishment after riots during match

4c94bf0bd7433f9dc5c98a8ac0583cf7 - Lierse and Beerschot Wilrijk receive conditional punishment after riots during match

The board of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) Friday match day, behind closed doors, with one year delay, specified to Lierse and Beerschot Wilrijk. Both clubs receive conditional punishment, after the incidentrijke derby of the 6th of January.

“The facts are very serious. The supporters of both clubs threw bombs and Bengali fire to each other’s box, with the result that the physical integrity of numerous innocent supporters seriously compromised. Also on the field came Bengali fire, so the safety of the players and referees can no longer be guaranteed. Therefore, the contest ceased to be”, says the disputes committee, which it held on a conditional sanction. “This gives both clubs a final chance to take the necessary measures.”

Commission president Jean-Paul Lacomble blame Lier if home team’s poor organisation, making safety not guaranteed could be. There were not enough stewards and searches. It was also noted that Feyenoord supporters had taken in the subjects of Lier. According to the arbitration board had the Pallieters more distance between the two supporterclans need to save and also a network between the boxes should hang.

The supporters of Beerschot Wilrijk threw not only Bengali fire to the fans of Lierse, but also to the players. The arbitration board notes that fans of the eersteperiodekampioen also tried to have the field to enter. If that’s impossible it turned out, they sought the confrontation with the supporters of Lierse. The visitors names, despite the fact that it is a risicomatch concerned, no additional security measures, as it turned out. A lack of search and an ill-conceived ticket sales is Beerschot Wilrijk charged.

The Bondsparket wanted to send a clear signal and progressed apart from a fine of 5,000 euros also held partly behind closed doors. The prosecutor wanted the supportersvakken of both hard cores for a single ” home close, but so far it didn’t. It seemed to be the Dispute even more dangerous that the hard core is located between the “ordinary supporters” would go.

On January 6, was the streekduel on the Lisp for the second time this season from being marred. Both supportersclans threw objects and pyrotechnic material towards each other. Later played for both clubs together the zwartepiet. Lierse won the tumultuous match with 2-1. The match was 20 minutes of silence. Both for Lier as for Beerschot was the third time that they needed to answer for supportersincidenten.

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