Harvey Weinstein is considering legal proceedings against Uma Thurman

0faf1ca554a329bfdfdac6380e6837a8 - Harvey Weinstein is considering legal proceedings against Uma Thurman

The controversial film producer Harvey Weinstein is considering the actress Uma Thurman to sue because of the statements that they last week about him). Through a spokesman, he allows the American media to know “surprised and saddened” over her allegation that he had 25 years ago molested would have in a hotel room in London.

Thurman told the New York Times that they are at the time of the release of Pulp Fiction together in his hotel suite when Weinstein suddenly to her was needed. She has him screaming of afgeduwd, after which he, according to her, “like a lizard wegkronkelde.” The next day he sent her flowers and he offered his apologies.

The actress says in the newspaper that they previously with Weinstein in a hotel room in Paris, a script discussed when he asked her to join in a steam bath. The Kill Bill actress had previously, when the MeToo-discussion this autumn, the markets, already announced that her story would do once they had.

Dozens of actresses betichtten Weinstein in recent months of sexually inappropriate behavior. There are various investigations into the allegations. Virtually all the major filmorganisaties have Weinstein disfellowshipped after all the revelations.

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