Harelbeke Schlagert supports jongdementerenden

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On Friday, may 1, 2014 found Harelbeke Schlagert for the first time in a tent on the jeugdvoetbalcomplex. The initiative was taken by Christophe Rommens, then jeugdvoorzitter of football club Krc Harelbeke. There immediately sprang 1400 people show up. After a lot of worries and the departure of the chairman, it was decided to use it after the fourth edition last year looking at to keep.
Eventually, the lord Rommens with the idea up to the new board to establish under the name of DMS. In this way, the Harelbeke Schlagert still re-occur. Recently, the Cultural Center of The Track to the new location. In cooperation with the City of Harelbeke was chosen to yield way to donate to a good cause. They decided to use The Valve from Hulste, that is committed to people who are suffering from jongdementie. In this npo are jongdementerenden out of their social isolation achieved.

On Friday, april 13, from 18 hours there will be a lot atmosphere to be created in CC The Track to Harelbeke. To the evening to start, the organization has provided for a surprise act. Furthermore, there are still performances of Herbert Verhaeghe, Swoop, Mom’s Jacket, Yves Segers, Gene Thomas, Paul Severs and Willy Sommers.

The tickets fly out the door. All the VIP tickets were already all up to the man. Ordinary entrance tickets are on sale at € 20 per person. You can get them o.a. book by phoning 0471/68.57.00 or via e-mail to
Ignace Crombé posted via Animô bvba all the artists.

Text: Nico Vanaken

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