Father and daughter get a child and want to get married

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Wake County – An American woman (20) and her biological father (42) are indicted for incest, after they have a child together and were planning to have to marry each other.

The 42-year-old Steven Pladl gave his 20-year-old daughter Katie Pladl shortly after its birth for adoption. When Katie was 18 to become, took Steven to contact her via Facebook. That notifies the police.

Katie was 18 years to the adoption of a child back to her biological parents live, then three months later went. The biological mother, whose name is not known, claims that her ex-husband often in the room of Katie slept.

Last year came the mother of Katie found out that her ex-husband and her daughter in expectation of their first child. Hearing this, she of her other two biological children, who, together with Katie and Steven in a house lived. When Steven it was confronted, he admitted his plan to have Katie to marry.


Katie and Steven were last week arrested in their home in the Us Wake County, after the biological mother of Katie declaration of incest. The couple was together with a baby of four months old.

The couple is accused of incest and adultery.

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