‘Death penalty VUB-prof has been confirmed by the Iranian Supreme court’

53035cb4014bf4e9bba1f8d575a7fec4 - ‘Death penalty VUB-prof has been confirmed by the Iranian Supreme court’

‘The death of scientist Ahmadreza Djalali is again confirmed by the Iranian Supreme court.’ That has his lawyer Zouhaier Chichaoui Sunday confirmed.

Djalali, who was also at the Brussels university VUB as a guest lecturer, is in Iran, accused of espionage and was awarded at the end of last year, the death penalty, but against that judgment was heavy international pressure, also from Belgium.

A few weeks ago was the death penalty temporarily suspended, because Djalali in the appeal was gone. The Supreme court has that appeal now rejected, because they would refuse to review.

’Mock trial’

‘Today it is announced that the review by the Iranian Supreme court has rejected. This news is by the Iranian lawyer to his wife, reported’, says lawyer Chichaoui. ‘This time the decision becomes final. The death penalty is declared enforceable and can, within an indefinite period of time to be executed.’

“This is a mock trial has been, from the beginning to the end”, continues mr. Zouhaier Chichaoui. “The Supreme court has the case never been investigated and has never taken the trouble to research them. I take me to the matter of Djalali, to continue, through the United Nations and also the international press. On 20 december, all four rapporteurs of the UN have argued that the deprivation of liberty of my client is completely arbitrary and that there are only confessions under torture are taken away.”

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