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Club Brugge now also losing points in own home after spectacle against Charleroi

12c793e6278de39700f34d54c73b3d52 - Club Brugge now also losing points in own home after spectacle against Charleroi

Club Brugge and Charleroi have the points shared in the absolute big game of match day 25 in the Jupiler Pro League. The numbers one and two from the league made it a spectacle: it was 3-3 in the Jan breydel stadium.

Club Brugge-Charleroi, for the tension in the competition was a hugely important bill. With a win, could Club, after all, the gap to her first pursuer to increase to 14 points, while Charleroi its possible titelambities strength could be strengthened with a good performance in Jan Breydel. Against a Club Brugge that since the new year is not really running well was profit not unthinkable for the Zebras: black-blue picked up in the new calendar year, only 4 in 9 in the league and went last Wednesday with a 4-1 lead in the bekerduel against Standard. The reason for coach Leko to what bills: defensive acquisitions Scholz and Mitrovic were in the base dropped, while Nakamba to the bank and disappeared.

Klungelende Van La Parra

Charleroi showed immediately that it was not a fear for the blue-black violence. Already after three minutes the visitors had a penalty kick can get after an alleged error of Scholz in Benavente. Pollet and Benavente were able not since then to score, while the Club also kansjes got through to Wesley and Vanaken. Halfway through the first half were still the Carolo’s first touch shots after defensive fumbling with the home team. Van la parra played poorly and gave the ball just to Ilaimaharitra, that the gift gratefully accepted: through the body of Scholz went the ball into the goal and it was 0-1.

The response from Club Brugge was not long in coming. Three minutes, to be exact, Limbombe pegelde the ball from just outside the sixteen high into the goal. Goalkeeper Penneteau looked doubtful at the 1-1: ball went through the shoulder of the Frenchman. Fortunately for Penneteau was somewhat strange action five minutes later compensated for, when Hendrickx with a low scrubber Gabulov for the second time knocked out (1-2). And still was the spectacle in the first half is not over, because Ruud Molder was in the penaltygebied brought down by Francis N Ganga. Ref Wim Smet pointed to the dot, but the Former threw the ball on the pole, while Penneteau the rebound of Vanaken fantastic way out of his goal kept.

Club knew that the home crowd in the second half improvement wanted to see and it didn’t take long for the Bruges fans at their beck and call were. Vanaken put a beautiful spot, got the ball then back of Diaby and omspeelde afterwards goalkeeper Penneteau to finally easy the 2-2 within. Club Brugge smoke blood, but Penneteau loved Charleroi several times in the match. Also the doelhout helped a hand: Molder struck the pole, while Limbombe a few minutes later, a second goal of the evening from each other and saw splashing on the bar. The 3-2 hung in the air, and with slightly more than a quarter of an hour to go came there also, with thanks to goalscorer Wesley Moraes and good preparatory work of Dion Cools.

Charleroi seemed to be knocked off, but who the Zebras afschreef, was cheated out of. Five minutes after the goal of Wesley was due to the cold-blooded Rezaei suddenly the 3-3 on the board. The chaos in Jan Breydel was complete when a fan onto the field came the storms and… a red card showed to referee Wim Smet. The game was fortunately not a long silence. Both teams got some kansjes in the final, but in the end would eventually be nothing more to change the score remained 3-3. For Club Brugge it is the first time this season that the points to do in your own home. It confirms the declining form of the match organiser: of her last five matches (including the heenwedstrijd of semi-final in the cup against Standard) won Club there is only one…

In the stand leads Club Brugge still. Blue-black now has 58 points, Charleroi remains second with 47 points. Anderlecht is third with 46 points.

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