Clip of Balvin, Jeon and Chuckie scores

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The clip of the single Machika of J Balvin, Jeon and Chuckie continues to do very well on YouTube. The number was within two weeks, over 56 million views on the popular filmpjessite.

For the single Machika worked for the Colombian artist J Balvin along with the Aruban singer Jeon and the Surinamese-Dutch dj Chuckie. The number coming this week in at the tenth spot of the Us Hot Latin Songs charts.

For J Balvin is the eleventh times that the singer a top 10 listing in the list; he scored recently a mega-hit with the song Mi gente.


Jeon and J Balvin got to know each other at the gym in New York, says Jeon in an interview with FunX dj Fernando Halman on the website “I told not right that I am also an artist I am,” says Jeon. “I know that there are a lot of people come. I wanted him that time out and him just José.”

The original Machika-track was of Jeon; he sang the song in Papiamento.

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