Boomsma: Football Inside insult sports

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Arie Boomsma is that Football Inside the world of sports insults with the suggestion that everyone who plays football in the changing rooms, and canteens homophobic and sexist jokes. That allows the presenter to following the commotion about a ’transgendergrap’ René van der Jibe and Johan Derksen Friday night made. They made this VTM presenter Bo boudewijn Van Spilbeeck ridiculous, since last week, as a woman goes through life.

The act resulted in many angry responses, including COC, PvdA and GroenLinks are calling sponsors on their hands off the program to draw.

“I wondered why nobody Derksen and Van der Jibe at protection takes”, asks a small-scale hotel. “It is not the first time that they have an impressive lack of knowledge on the table fling.” The presenter made the past years a variety of programs about gay youth and transgender people who are out of the closet came. “Of course it is not their responsibility to contribute to emancipation, to avoid the zelfmoordpercentage among transgender people continues to rise. That empathy you can not get everyone to expect. But you can ask whether they are not better able to limit to the few themes where they do know.”

History books

Football Inside came already frequently under fire because of sexist and homophobic jokes. The presenters set if reply is always that in voetbalkantines and dressing rooms so they can talk and all jokes made about it.

“Who the history books to know that fighters for the freedom of speech in most cases, a case had for which they, the barricades went up,” writes Boomsma. “They were in the minority. While the parrots of the onderbuikgevoelens in Football Inside never more than an attack on the vulnerable. Laugh at people where everyone is all for laughs.”

Clear point of view

Also the KNVB stated last Sunday in response to a very clear point of view on gay acceptance in the world of sports. We have over the past years in many ways hard for. But we are not able to anyone who thinks about football to have to say in the right mind.”

The sponsors were Sunday, not for comments to reach. RTL has let know in conversation with the creators about the ’joke’. “The men get all the space to their take on football and society. That does not mean, however, that you everything a joke should be,” said a spokesman.

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