Man shoot at migrants in Italy

ROME – The Italian police have a man arrested who is suspected of from a car shooting at passers-by in the central Italian town of Macerata. The police said that the man out of racist motives of the others. The gunman wounded six people.

“He drove around in his car and if he dark people saw, he took them under fire,” said a politiewoordvoerder. Among the wounded were African migrants.

The arrested man is the 28-year-old Luca Traini, a native of Macerata. Before he was arrested would Traini the fascist salute have placed at a monument in the city of fallen soldiers. The police reported that he was in an Italian flag was draped. According to the centre-left party PD was Traini candidate for the far-right Lega Nord in local elections last year.

Italian media reported that the shelling could be linked to the murder of an 18-year-old Italian a few days ago. The moordonderzoek led to the arrest of a Nigerian migrant.

Leader Matteo Salvini of the Lega Nord laid the blame for the death of the woman at the centre-left government. He stated on Facebook that left by the admission of migrants “blood on the hands”. Salvini took the known distance of the shooting of migrants by Traini. He added the reminder that the “unbridled immigration to many social tensions’.

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