Fiance John you will make robbed of jewels

Shortly before she got married would be the steps, the actress, Caitlin McHugh, the fiancé of actor John you will make, robbed of jewelry worth a small 150,000 euros.

The burglary happened Friday night in a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel, probably at the time that Caitlin elsewhere was out to dinner. When she came back she found that the valuables were stolen. There were no traces of burglary, and there are no suspects arrested, writes showbizzsite TMZ.

Extra annoying for Caitlin is that the jewels are not of herself, but that she, who for the occasion had borrowed from a jeweler. Whether the theft is assured, is still not known.

Caitlin (33) and John (54) are expecting their first child. They have since last year a relationship. He asked her last autumn at the wedding in Disneyland. She was already pregnant. You will make found that it is a good time on his knees, and also to her parents to ask permission.

Or the wedding, which for this weekend is planned, still continues is not yet known.

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