COC upset about parody René van der Jibe

Homobelangenorganisatie COC and Transgender Netwerk Nederland (TNN) are angry at René van der Jibe and Football Inside. René gave birth Friday night to look in the tv broadcast by a blonde damespruik on its head to claim that he is transgender. He requested his companions to him now Renate to call.

The occasion for the joke was the news of the Flemish tv-reporter Boudewijn boudewijn van Spilbeeck, that as a woman now goes through life. The transgendernetwerk and COC can’t laugh and call the parody of VI sad. They blame the makers of trans – and homophobia.

“Someone struggling life-long with her identity, has the courage to get there audience to arrive and the only thing the lords of VI can come up with is for someone to ridicule”, let the groups know.

Last century

“Apparently they are, with their ideas about transgenderpersonen and gays deep in the last century linger, and after the umpteenth incident you get the impression that that’s not going to change”, to respond TNN-chairman Fire Berghouwer and COC president Tanja Ineke. They call on the sponsors to stop with the talk show. “What concerns us is going to pull the plug out.” Berghouwer and Ineke would like to be in conversation with the sponsors to make their views known.

Heineken and Gillette have recently been a conversation had with RTL about the earlier alleged sexist, racist and homophobic statements at the table with Football Inside. But René van der Jibe and Johan Derksen are following these interviews, not on their statements will be addressed.

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