Van der Grijn in film with Nicole Kidman

The Dutch actor Matteo van der Grijn makes soon made his international acting debut in the film adaptation of the book the goldfinch r t of writer Donna Tartt. He will be in the film, among others, with Nicole Kidman and Ansel Elgort, made distributor Warner Bros Friday known.

Van der Grijn plays the role of Gyuri. The actor was previously seen in the title role of the musical “Soldier of Orange” and the romantic comedy Crazy of Happiness, which is currently in the cinemas is running. The goldfinch r t will be directed by John Crowley, the director, who was previously the award-winning drama Brooklyn made.

The book of Donna Tartt tells the story of a boy who at the age of thirteen a terrorist attack on the Metropolitan Museum of Art survives. His mother comes to life. The event has far-reaching consequences for the rest of the life of Theo.

The goldfinch r t is in October 2019 in the Dutch cinemas.

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