Totale stilte na stormachtige carrière in tv-wereld

Total silence after a stormy career in tv world

Total silence after a stormy career in tv world

To the Friday write writer Thomas Heerma van Voss on this site about newly published books. What he noticed, what he remembered, what hit him. And what deserves attention.

Total silence after a stormy career in tv world

Sarah Domogola – The art of the disappear

The danger of boundless ambition, as had the debut of filmmaker Sarah Domogala (1978) also be called. In this personal non-fictiewerk describes them without restraint how they totally come to a halt after a stormy started a career in the tv world. Burn-out – the phenomenon of the recent years often discussed, but is still Domogalas story well worth the trouble. Stylistically it is not so refined, and she excels in her scenes than in her analysis, but her story comes to life thanks to the well-affected tone of frank but nowhere wallowing, fat turned on but not hoity-toity. Never before I read so sensual, and insightful about how to be a successful, intelligent person from one moment to another are no longer able to show. Disappear, that is the only thing Domogala on its lowest point still wants. To then again little by little. And this story to tell.

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Johan Fretz – Under the paramariboom

My girlfriend wants to all times together, to Suriname, and after the reading of Under the paramariboom I understand suddenly better why. This second novel of Johan Fretz – you know, those extremely eloquente writer and comedian who is a few years ago, constantly in the media surfaced for political reasons – is set entirely in the capital, Paramaribo, and is basically a long ode to that city. To the idiom, to the languid, relaxing atmosphere, to the heat. Fretz takes for all the time, and in this more or less autobiographical novel in search of his Surinamese roots. A roadtrip-like story to follow, accessible and not too heavy, cinematic also. Driving voltage is missing, here and there were passages deleted, and Fretz’ language sometimes seems more suitable for a lecture than for paper, but that does not take away: Under the paramariboom is a passionate, idiosyncratic tribute to a special environment. I go my ticket soon books.

Total silence after a stormy career in tv world

Anne-Fleur van der Heiden – Poppy

Intriguing, the premise of the Poppy: a child growing up with drug addict parents and know there are no council. Painful scenes guaranteed, and there are in this novel is absolutely fine, compact confrontations between a benevolent daughter, and her by and by dependent, physically decrepit mother. But apart from those moments, the story unfortunately rarely actually live: the build-up in this debut by Anne-Fleur van der Heiden (1987) is too fragmented to really convince, and the similarities between mother and daughter (+ stepdad) will be found and highlighted. What is not in the least help is the rather clumsy style: “My head is broke, hurts and squeezes my brain together to the size of a raisin.’ Well, with such a literally quoted beeldspraken is no single story to life. In addition, Poppy remarkably sloppy edited. Seldom I saw so many missing punctuation marks in so few pages. Downside for the publisher.

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