Sunbathing good for the line

Amsterdam – Good news for the solar-worshippers: it is good for the line!

This is evident from an examination of the Canadian University of Alberta. Your cells take in the sunlight, less fat, and fix that also faster. Perfect to excess pounds to disappear.

“Sunlight in the summer our skin to penetrate the fat cells just below it. The cells don’t want as much fat to store if they are under the influence of sunlight,” says Peter Light, professor of Pharmacology at the University of Alberta. The findings of his research he published in the scientific magazine ‘Nature’.


You can have story in reverse. Insufficient exposure to sunlight can lead to extra fat storage.

The discoveries of the team of Light forms the starting point for a whole series of additional research. After all, it is not yet clear how frequently and how long people in the sun must lie in order to fall off. Further hopes the professor further, to examine whether light therapy is a possibility in patients with diabetes.

Actually, it was the team of the professor does not search for a possible correlation between sunlight and lose weight. The Diabetes Institute wanted to examine how fat cells produce insulin, when they respond to light. That would be a lot of patients with diabetes can help. That research is now.

Incidentally, it is a lot of sunbathing also harmful. The risk of skin cancer grows considerably.


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