Larry Nassar convinced the police in 2004 with a powerpoint presentation of his innocence

Larry Nassar, the former doctor of the American turnteam that terechtstaat for sexual abuse, had already in 2004, got caught. He succeeded, however, in the police of his innocence, to convince with the aid of a powerpoint presentation.

The police of Meridian Township then Thursday at the trial in Charlotte for the ‘missed opportunity’. ‘We are not going to hide that we did in the gone wrong. We have let ourselves be deceived and have the victims left in the lurch”, said City Manager Frank Walsh with tears in the eyes.

Brianne Randall-Gay, at that time 17 years, then moved in 2004 to the police of Meridan Township after she joined Nassar had treatment for scoliosis, a curvature of the spine. Nassar ‘treated’ her by her breasts to massage them and he tried his fingers in her vagina to cross.

After the complaint of Randall-Gay, it was Nassar questioned. The doctor knew, however, from talking. With the help of a powerpoint presentation he could to the police to convince that his actions were necessary for the medical treatment of the sacrotuberous ligaments, which are in the pubic area.

The technique that Nassar described, is also effective. “But that is in case of minors be used only after they are in detail to the patient and his parents explained’, declared experts. ‘The consent of the minor and the parents is necessary. In addition, the treatment above the clothing performed and the doctor will always wear gloves.’

The police believed the explanation of Nassar and let Randall-Gay and her mother know that the file without a result was closed. Nassar was then almost thirteen years with his abuse to continue.

“This takes my pain away’

In Charlotte, where a third trial against Nassar was launched, showed Wednesday that he is at least 265 victims. Last week, the 54-year-old Nassar in Lansing (Michigan) to a term of imprisonment of 40 to 175 years convicted of large scale sexual abuse, in december, was to him a prison sentence of 60 years in prison for possession of child pornography. Maybe his sentence by a further 40 to 125-year extension after his third and last process, which Nassar terechtstaat for offences he committed in a backroom of the Twistars turnclub in Dimondale, Michigan.

‘Nassar has for too long be able to continue because no one listened to us’, testified Randall-Gay. ‘I felt ignored. Nassar had the guts to be the police to tell that I his action was misunderstood was because I was a girl that is not good in her own skin felt. They believed him and not me. That the police are now excuses, relieves the pain, but the pain that I was already fourteen years feel not away.’

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