Justin Timberlake does Super Bowl only

Fans hoping to see a reunion of *NSYNC during the halftime show of the Super Bowl this coming weekend do not count. Also Janet Jackson is not there, as told hoofdartiest Justin Timberlake during a press conference. The singer doing the show on his own.

“To be honest, I had many ideas about guest appearances. We’ve long talked about,” said Justin, who still have a lot of names around hear her singing. “From *NSYNC to Jay-Z and Chris Stapleton to Janet, but this year is just only my band, the Tennessee Kids. I have the feeling that they are my special guests and I’m very excited to go on stage. It’s very nice.”

It is the second time that Justin is during a halftimeshow of the Super Bowl. The previous, in 2004, was a well-publicized encounter with the singer at the end of the show the tip of Janet Jackson losscheurde. This was one of her breasts. The incident, which was renamed to nipple-gate, caused a lot of commotion in the US.

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