Is Altered Carbon next hit series on Netflix?

Is Altered Carbon next hit series on Netflix?

Is Altered Carbon next hit series on Netflix?

Joel Kinnaman on the red carpet at one of the global premieres of Altered Carbon./AP photo

Actor Joel Kinnaman about Altered Carbon, the new sciencefictionserie on Netflix.

The new Netflixserie Altered Carbon, from today to see, turning to Takeshi Kovacs, a prisoner who, after 250 years frozen have been returned in a new body with one chance to get his freedom back: he must be the complex murder on the extremely wealthy Laurens Bancroft to solve. Client: Lauren Bancroft itself.

The above sounds indeed a little everyday, the world is in Altered Carbon – that three hundred years in the future plays – through new technology completely transformed. The consciousness can be digitised in a chip stack and called and human bodies, sleeves are removable, what death is no longer permanent.

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Kovacs is the vast majority of this Netflix original is played by the 38-year-old Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman, who you may know from his roles in The Killing (the American version) and House of Cards, which he in the fourth and fifth season, Frank Underwoods rival Will Conway plays. Never during his now 43 titles story acting career has Kinnaman is so hard for a role given that in Altered Carbon, he explains during an interview with Metro in Paris. “The biggest challenge was the physical part. I wanted the action in Altered Carbon to a high level. Already long before the first filming I knew that the role had, so I had a lot of time for me to prepare. I have six months, three to five hours per day training. Gymnastics, martial arts, weightlifting, you name it.”

Starting blocks

And that was just the run-up. The spin period covered for Kinnaman eight months, in which he six days per week, fifteen hours a day on the set was. “During those fifteen hours, I was either the acting or I was prepared. When I’m not on the set was I was studying for the coming days and weeks. I always want the best-prepared person on set, especially when I role play. If you’re the lead and in the dot are prepared for that, do you have anyone on set to do the same. Although there was a large budget and we had therefore a lot of time, but if a few takes are verkloot, because someone text do not know that yet discarded the takes that we had to use a few things to try out.”

Is Altered Carbon next hit series on Netflix?

Kinnaman as Takeshi Kovacs./Netflix

Moral compass

Kovacs is complex and has a violent past, says Kinnaman. “In the period of his life that I asked him to play, he is all lost, everyone that’s ever important to him was dead. For an important part, he is shaped by what he in his youth has seen: his father, his mother abused. He is corrupted. Violence against women is something to him hard touch. He is also able to use force, but he has a moral compass. Kovacs is able to give love, he is not a sociopath.”


Then in 2016, it was announced that Netflix series was going to make of Richard K. Morgan’s science fiction novel Altered Carbon, with Kinnaman in the role of Takeshi Kovacs, a man with Japanese and Slovak roots, were on Twitter the knives sharpened. This Was not a typical case of whitewashing? “Nonsense,” said Kinnaman. “You know the story if that’s your interpretation. Whitewashing is something that really happens, for a very long time, and I find it shameful. In Altered Carbon would there have been a whitewashing when a white an Asian character had played. But it is about an Asian person that is in the body of a white man arrives, and that is exactly as it is in the original story by Richard K. Morgan.”

LeBron James

Kinnaman would be just like his character in Altered Carbon is immortal. “But it’s complicated. I agree with the theme of Altered Carbon: our humanity is bound up with our mortality. So if we become immortal, we become our humanity lost. The essence of being human is that we die, the transitory, there is beauty in. But still, if I would be allowed to choose, I chose the eternal life. For whose sleeve I would choose? I’m pretty satisfied I must say. But I wouldn’t mind for a while, LeBron James.”

Naked ass

Another reason that Kinnaman physically in shape had to be for Altered Carbon is that he seldom wear clothes in the ten-part series. “But we Swedes have not so much trouble,” he says, laughing. “I found, for example, seriously scarier for the cast and crew to give a speech, as I at the beginning of the first filming did, then to my pants for two hundred men to make bags. Maybe strange, but the way it is. You just need to make sure that you are a bit relaxed, it is no big deal.”

The series Altered Carbon is available from today on Netflix.


At the press day of Altered Carbon, in Paris, journalists present were not allowed to ask for Kinnamans experiences with his House of Cards-fellow Kevin Spacey. During a talk show in Sweden, he said there last week to do something about it. “I was not surprised when I read the accusations to the address of Spacey heard. Certainly five or six of my friends, actors also have unpleasant experiences with him when she was just in Hollywood. Against me he is always very nice. But since the story about him and that 14-year-old boy I don’t want anything more to do with him.”

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