Father buys ad around the Super Bowl; to Trump to speak

West Palm Beach – A man from Tennessee has a tv spot purchased around the broadcast of the Super Bowl to president Trump to talk about the death of his daughter.

Stephen Eimers lost his seventeen-year-old daughter Hannah at the end of 2016 when they are against a guardrail aanreed and by the safety mechanism was pierced. The family has the manufacturer been sued.

The conscious barrier was just before the accident in the list of ’approved security measures’ taken down, but copies were still on hundreds of places along the highways.

Eimers want the president to think about possibilities to make the infrastructure more secure. He bought, therefore, for a commercial, reports the New York Post.

The Super Bowl is the final of the American Football season and the biggest one-day sporting event in the United States. Commercials around the national broadcast of NBC cost just $5 million, but so could Stephen Eimers not pay. The man is betting that president Trump the competition view from his golf resort in the Mar-a-Lago and has a time slot purchased on a local network: for $1000.

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