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Belgian outsiders hope only on stage: “Mathieu and Wout stitches out for me”

It seems like Sunday in the elite only Mathieu van der Poel and Wout van Aert with chances of winning start at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS cyclocross. Even the Belgian outsiders seem to occur in advance of laying down to their mastery and aim only on that third podium place…

Toon Aerts makes his debut at the world CHAMPIONSHIP in the pros. Last year he missed the title by a crash and injury that he suffered in mid-January, in the world Cup in the Italian Fiuggi. “I am really glad that I now am,” he says. “Sitting at home last year, was not fun. Now I hope to be a great achievement to put down and I dream of a medal.”

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In the Belgian camp there with Wout van Aert one leader. “That seems to me pretty clear,” says Aerts Friday at a press conference of the Belgians in Valkenburg. “Only Wout is to be able to Mathieu to beat and that is the most important thing at a world cup. We need him as a Belgian team to support.”

Which tactic falls into a cyclocross than to handle? “It is important to Mathieu not immediately to pull away. As Mathieu a ‘bonk’ on, we need to if Belgians try to make the gap as small as possible. We can’t just let it ride. For the rest, it is a real plan to make it difficult here. It is, perhaps, a duel, and then there are many contenders for a medal. I hope on it. I can find a course that suits me and I already have a few times been on the podium in the world Cup last season, so I would be at the world cup also like on stage.”

In the past season tried Aerts a couple of times to the fast pace of the two tenors to follow, sometimes, other times not successfully. He will now soon start, with the risk that he blows himself up and his world CHAMPIONSHIP in, nothing out? Or, he opted for a quiet start to then his own match to drive? “I’m still going to try to follow them”, sounds. “Look, a world cup, they will probably still be slightly faster drive in the first round than on other crosses, but if I think about it, is it my best option to try to follow. Other riders will also blow up, perhaps, I might also. You don’t know that, but I’m not of the traditional recipe off with the risk that I’m then in the background verzeil and by the mistakes of others can not move. No, I try to follow, and then see what happens or where I end. Hopefully on the podium.”

Also Sweeck dreams of stage

Laurens Sweeck got last year at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS like a lot of other riders to deal with a lot of flat tires. He hopes this time to spare them from bad luck and is aiming for a place in the top five. “And perhaps the stage as possible.”

Sweeck made last week in Hoogerheide, a good impression, and even looked for a while to be able to Mathieu van der Poel. The Dutchman was again fast out of the starting blocks shot, all had the rider in Schriek then, however, his quick start to die. Eventually he finished after a nice duel with Michael Vanthourenhout for the third spot to a fourth place.

“I made too many mistakes but suggested however that the condition is good”, says Friday he back. “Only everyone knows that Mathieu and Wout there sticking out. They will fight for the rainbow jersey. From the start, I expect me to be a fierce battle on this tricky trail, where you will also technical you male.”

“Of course I’m going to do my best”, the silver medal of the BK further. “It is a world cup, then you lay your head not just down. A world cup can also things happen. Just look at last year with the many flat tires, so you need to keep driving and not hang down our heads.”

Himself, he hopes at a spot in the top five. “We are with a number of riders well matched for that third spot on the podium. I’m going to struggle, because in the elite, I have not to be on stage.” That is ago of 2015, a bronze medal in Tabor after world champion Michael Vanthourenhout at the promises.

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