Army Russia wants to ’pantserpriesters’ tank control

MOSCOW – Russian orthodox priests, as spiritual attendant in the Russian armed forces would not only the spiritual life of the military must serve. They should be in emergency situations also with armored cars and other military vehicles capable of processing and being able to deal with military communication equipment. This has the Russian army decided, reported The Moscow Times.

Approximately thirty military clergy or aalmoezeniers therefore, next week at Omsk on exercise with infantry units equipped with armored vehicles of the type BMD-4. That are armoured vehicles designed for the transport of infantry. The idea is that later the priest, for example, wounded soldiers not only spiritual help, but also behind the lines to medical help can drive.

Russian orthodox church has let know that it is not the intention that the priests learn to fight.

About half of the 147 million Russians consider themselves Russian orthodox, but only a small percentage confesses that actually, for example, by attendance at church.

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