This week in the Story

Story is on a Tuesday in the shop with these topics and more:

• Temptation Island-host Annelien Coorevits is happily married
• Filip Peeters has new ambitions
• Saartje Vandendriessche has her second breath found
• Wife of late Brigitte Macron is under fire
• A glimpse into the Spanish edition of penthouse magazine of Dana Winner
• Flanders in the spell of Patser
• Teen-wrapsters Charlotte Leysen and Sarah Mouhamou keep a digital detox
• Matteo Simoni performs out of his comfort zone
• Is known Flanders open to online dating?
• After eight years, the death of actress Brittany Murphy a mystery
• Steal the style of… Sharon Stone
• Princess Beatrix is 80
• Fashionable and next to the ski slope
• Column of Maartje Van Neygen
• Short and powerful with Yanni Bourgignon
• From & at home with Veerle from ‘Blind married

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