The choice of Jan Verheyen: Brabançonne

A new week, a new filmtip of Jan Verheyen: this week choose Jan for Brabançonne, a musical romantic comedy on native soil.

Meaning in a film, but have no idea what you want to see? Jan Verheyen enjoys a helping hand. Each week he gives here a filmtip! This week: Brabançonne!

Brabançonne is a somewhat underrated film by the Flemish director Vincent Bal, who is a playful and origenele cross between a romcom, a musical drama and a musical.

The movie is about the battle between a Flemish and a Walloon wind orchestra, St Cecilia and And Avant, both of which participate in a major European competition. When the big star of the Flemish orchestra during a preliminary round dead drop, decide the Flemings all to convert to the big star of the Walloons to convince with their orchestra to play.

Don’t expect a smooth musical with spectacular singing and choreography, but there is sung. A little getting used to perhaps, but Belgian is definitely a charming film that is carried by excellent actors.

Director: Vincent Bal

Cast: Amaryllis Uitterlinden, Arthur Dupont, Jos Verbist, Tom Audenaert

‘Brabançonne’ is up to August 3, 2018 to view the Movies & Series Pass of Proximus TV.

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