“The Chemist” from Twilight author Stephenie Meyer is series

91282ab0a6b4f97498e889f3164127e7 - "The Chemist" from Twilight author Stephenie Meyer is series

Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight books, also writes other books. “The Chemist” from 2016 is soon to be a television series.

A former secret agent should have one last matter to take its name, to purify and to save her life. Tomorrow Studios, and the English station ITV to develop the series. In a statement, says Tomorrow Studios that “Stephenie one of the most prolific authors of our time. Her unique view of heroines resonates with readers and viewers worldwide, and we look forward to serving with her to work together.” In the U.S., more than 1 million copies sold, the book was in 35 different countries published. When the series exactly on antenna is not yet known. From the Twilight books were but five vampierenfilms result, each time, with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in the lead role.

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