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STVV will also work with a second Japanese resembled

A day after the announcement of the collaboration between STVV and Fagiano Okayama insert the Truienaars with Oita Trinita, a second Japanese resembled to their new network.

“After the partnership with Fagiano Okayama will start STVV also a partnership with the Japanese resembled Oita Trinita”, laid the Truienaars out on their website. “This club is one of the ex-clubs of STVV’s new CEO Takayuki Tateishi. Tateishi finished his career at the club and started his career as a coach.”

“The partnership will be the same way if that with Fagiano Okayama”, says STVV. “The goal is to further develop and exchange knowledge around HR about players and the technical and commercial staff, the exchange of sporting and commercial knowledge and the development of a scoutingsnetwerk in Europe and Asia.”

Just as Okayama will play Oita Trinita in the second J-League. The new competition will start on 25 February. Last season, Oita Trinita ninth. In the spring of 2001, Lorenzo Staelens are spelerscarrière to Oita.

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