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Standard outclassed unrecognizable Club Brugge

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Standard an important step towards the cup final. It was clearly a bit too big for Club Bruges in his own house: it was 4-1 after a hattrick of Renaud Emond. Thanks to rookie Matej Mitrovic, who is in the slot nogde vital tegengoal scored, Club a lifeline for the second leg next week.

After the lesser performance of the past few weeks (Club Brugge picked up at Antwerp, KV Oostende and AA Gent ‘only’ 4 to 9) decided to coach Ivan Leko to make some adjustments for the heenwedstrijd in the semi-finals of the Croky Cup. It led to an experimental arrangement that with many of the Club-fan the brows did frown: Nakamba and van la parra alongside each other in midfield, with the Former in a more attacking role on the right wing. It also seemed to pay off, because Club Brugge started the best in the competition. Diaby had a good chance due to defensive fumbling at Standard, but the ball went through a Liege leg next time.

Standard grew slowly but surely in the contest. At the first big opportunity for the Rouches lap Emond, last Sunday against Anderlecht still firmly on the sucker with a pack of missed opportunities, immediately touch: it was 1-0 after weak defending from Club Brugge on a tight cross of Edmilson. A moment later, it was virtually identical 2-0, again with Emond to the cannon. Especially defender Jordi Brown, firmly put under pressure by the arrival of Alexander Scholz and Matej Mitrovic, did not look good. Standard kept the match under control and in the end with a double ahead of the rest.

Ivan Leko saw that the experiment failed was and decided to intervene after the rest. The pale Brown was exchanged for new transfer Mitrovic, while van la parra in the dressing room continued. Wesley came out, leaving the Club with two strikers started playing. The desired effect had not in the least, because in spite of a sharp attack of Shaper (pole) was the early 3-0. And once again it was Renaud Emond, who are the absolute highlight of the seizoee polite and so a hattrick scored. A moment later, Edmilson, the humiliation complete by even 4-0.

Club Brugge had initially no answer in the house on the Liège rush. On the contrary: it was even Standard that still some good opportunities, got on the 5-0. Club went looking for the all-important goal on the move, but the house of Standard stood firmly right. In the lock came the important 4-1 there anyway thanks to newcomer Mitrovic, who has the ball through a corner is untenable binnenkopte. Thus, Club Brugge is still a waterkansje to make the final. All is still the question of Club or something will do, because the downward spiral of the last few weeks was also at the Sclessin weather extended.

The second leg is next week Thursday, on February 8, played.

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