Research into the role Robert Wagner in dead Wood

Almost 37 years ago, died of actress Natalie Wood. Although when an accident as the cause of death was identified, the police doing the last few years re-investigating the death of Wood, who became famous by roles in Hollywoodklassiekers as West Side Story and Rebel without a cause. In that study, the role of Woods ‘then-husband Robert Wagner more and more interesting,” says police chief John Corina, in an interview in ’48 Hours’ on CBS.

“During our research over the last years more and more interesting”, says Corina of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. “We know that he is the last person that Natalie has seen before she disappeared.”

Wood became missing when she in november 1981 on her yacht Splendour stayed off the coast of Catalina Island in California. At the time of her disappearance were also captain Captain Dennis Davern, her husband, actor Robert Wagner, and Woods ‘ good friend and actor Christopher Walken on board. The next day the body of Wood found in the water. After two weeks of research was her death an accident is determined. But in 2011, the case was reopened.


The mysterious death of Natalie Wood continued to rise for speculation. Initially told the three men aboard the boat the investigators that Wood, who was afraid of the dark water, in a dinghy left the land and went. Over time, however, were the statements of Wagner and Davern changed.

Researchers say that Wagner refuses to talk to them since the case was reopened. Corina says in the report that he does not believe that Wagner, the whole story has been told. “His statements are not fully in agreement with that of all other witnesses in this case”, says the detective about Wagner. “I think that he his story is still a bit has changed. His version of the events is correct just not.”

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