Pakistan wants down of Afghan refugees

ISLAMABAD – The Pakistani government has decided that refugees from Afghanistan at the most sixty days in the country allowed to remain, while the responsible minister on Wednesday a period of five months had recommended. The decision shall be the fear of reliving that Islamabad’s expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Afghans preparing.

In Pakistan, live an estimated 2.5 million Afghans who have fled the violence in their own country. Some of them stay there since the Soviet invasion in 1979. A very long time, they were fairly easy extension of their residence permit, often for a year.


All this has changed by the increasing tension between the two neighbouring countries, due partly to the recent bloody attacks by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Kabul but the US blamed Pakistan this rebellengroepering to support. The concern seems justified that the authorities in Islamabad as a reaction to that suspicion now accelerated Afghan refugees to go back.

The refugee organisation of the UN (UNHCR) would still not respond to the Pakistani policy decision because the details are not yet known. The representative of Afghanistan stressed that the return of refugees “voluntary, gradual and dignified manner”.


In 2016, it turned almost 400,000 refugees, at the insistence of Pakistan back home. Of them went there last year to 60,000 in the opposite direction. Large-scale remigration is a lot of demands of the government and the aid agencies in Afghanistan, where in 2017 according to the UN, a further 360,000 people displaced were.

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