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Leko panics after a new defeat of Club Brugge: “I know what it was”

90d3d649922b26261a17e6ab2d6969c5 - Leko panics after a new defeat of Club Brugge: “I know what it was”

Club Brugge-trainer responded brightly after the 1-4 defeat to Standard. The loss was not to the preparation or to the form of the players, but to individual errors, according to him. Also chairman Mannaert do not want to hear of a vormdip after the second defeat in a row.

“It is still not done. I know my team well. I know what happened. We have lost the race, Standard, has not won. We made mistakes, and were too soft in the box. We knew that Standard a lot of body in the box would bring. They score four times, we get five chances but score only once. I promise one thing, and that is that we have an interesting second leg.”

“Our plan and the organization were good. We lose by mistakes, that should not happen at a top club like Bruges. Painful is that it all happened as we had predicted.”

A vormcrisis there is not know the trainer for sure. “We have 11 points more than the second. We have, after three months, for the first time a match is lost. Now we lose a second. I’d only worry if I didn’t know which it was, but I know that.”

Mannaert: “We were weak, but we have a thuisreputatie”

“It is a pretty heavy defeat”, gave manager Vincent Mannaert. “You know that it is very difficult. But that one tegengoal can absolutely make a difference.”

“We were a bit too weak, especially defensively. The second half was slightly better. But we have a thuisreputatie. In their own stadium, we can in the second leg have anything to force. I’m sure very Jan Breydel there also thinks so.”

“What is a dip? We are in the semi-finals of the cup, and we have a street ahead in the competition. For the season, they saw us as titelkandidaat, and look at what we already have achieved. The excellent game against Charleroi is not that long ago, so I have all the vertoruwen in which we stand. The cup is still important, you leave no trophy. I’m not worried about the form of Club Brugge.”

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