Kurt Rogiers do distinctive call

We are only a month far in the year 2018 but the number one in the top 100 Belgians of the year 2018 and would now need to be committed. That is the opinion of Kurt Rogiers. The actor and presenter is convinced that but one someone who is first place at the end of this year in The Latest News can get. “Even though it is only January, look no further. No. 1 of the top 100 of 2018 is well-known. @bovanspilbeeck congratulations!” wrote the actor on Instagram. Now is it still early for this top 100 already put together but Kürt get the support of a lot of people. Among them, for example, Sven Ornelis. “Bo radiates. She is so happy. It is wonderful to see. And how her colleagues of @vtmnieuws her full of love surround. #respect,” he responds. And also Sandrine André is in the clouds: “So nice to have this luck to see, so good that this is shared with us and what a power and look @bovanspilbeeck Am also proud to be part of a transmitter to be able to work behind the dreams of his employees,” she writes.

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