Jan Kooijman is less ambitious, become

Jan Kooijman was formerly ‘very violent’. The presenter and actor told Wednesday in an interview on NPO Radio 2 is no longer so ambitious. “I always wanted to be the best and on the best school grades.”

Because Kooijman a class had skipped, he was younger than his classmates. He was occupied with other things than his classmates.

“I was different than others, and that made me an easy target,” says the actor in the program ‘t Is Now Late.

This meant that he was out of school all day sat on the sofa to watch television. Until he and his parents made a hobby had to find, that was ultimately dancing. He told it not in his class.

“I was not comfortable in the group. If you then also goes on to say that on Saturday afternoon in a black leotard dancing, you are totally not cool.”

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