Goes Temptation-participant Daniëlle now all the fog in?

Note: this seriesblog contains spoilers! -With conviction, start with two Belgian and two Dutch couples on the fifteen-day adventure in Thailand. They may the seducers resist? From the conversations with the couples that in the past all the necessary transgressions are committed. Also have both Deborah (25) and Tim (30), Jeremy (23) and Vanessa (23) is already a point behind their relationship. That promises the coming episodes…

After the start of the programme, presenter Rick Brandsteder and Annelien Cooreviets the participating couples to the tooth to feel about their motivation and what rules they have imposed, to come fairly quickly after the bachelor verleidsters and two leaders emerge. The bound men to seize their chance to have significantly depleted their sweethearts, and to pretend that the cars full of feminine clean them don’t do anything. Jeremy’s gaze, betrays, however, is how sincere the previous geslijm.

Shortly after the departure of the same friends, get them a baptism of fire: they must have a bachelor lady to choose who they date, where they are required together at different locations to spend the night. This brings up a great dilemma: there is only one bed. Since the men their girlfriends have just said goodbye to say, and they the strict rules is still fresh in the memory, it seems quite easy to resist this temptation. They decide all on my own makeshift beds to spend the night.

Sure thing(you)

Meanwhile, on the island, with the male seducers, the bound ladies are not yet acquainted. It was only towards the evening they come a bit more loose and get caught up in conversation with the bachelor boys. Seducer Tireily (20) seems very sure of his case(you), as appears from his own statement: “I have women very nice things to offer. The bottom is also attractive, it is not only above.. the third leg, it’s stable, it’s just stable.”

Tijs’ eye falls directly on the exotic Vanessa and throws like a charm-offensive. This is Vanessa not really served. Her boyfriend Jeremy is now on a date with a swimming teacher Inge (22). During a romantic dinner he muses that he might have wanted to share with his little girl. Inge, however, is not convinced that their six-year relationship fifteen days on Temptation Island is going to survive.

Megan (18) complains about her boyfriend, Kevin (22) seducer Joshua (20). So he would normally on a blond fall, as it turned out after he five times was cheating in their relationship of less than a year time. Three times guess what color hair temptress Cherish (26), with whom he is on a date…

Good intentions overboard

Mezdi (20) seems to be on a date with Laetitita (22) exemplary behaviour. He decides wisely not drinking alcohol and is determined not to give in to the temptation to come. Mezdi’s girlfriend Danielle (20) has, in its turn, very nice Fabrizio (25). The whole evening searching the two to each other. Later it seems Mezdi during the date his intention to no alcohol to drink to forget, when he bubbles are going to slurp down in the jacuzzi with Laetitia, who convinces her devious tactics ultimately going to work. Meanwhile, it seems that Fabrizio is a big risk factor is when he gets a bit too soggy with Danielle in the pool. This will not go unnoticed, and the kuisheidspolitie consisting of the other bound women engages in. “We have against Danielle said: note that it is not wrong to happen to you.”

Briefly summarised, the couples without a scratch the first day through. Tim (30) does not want to take any risks, so he waves date Zwanetta from when he leaves to go to the beach go to sleep. Almost all of them give them to their partner to miss out, although Mezdi his good intentions have been thrown overboard seems to have and night yet Laetitia looks for.

Episode 2

After a sleepless night for the men, who are all apart of the bachelor ladies up, learning the separated couples, the deceivers and verleidsters know. In the verleidsters their claws already sharpened, but it seems despite the photos of the dates a little to make an impression on the women.

Men, on the other hand, there are heated to. Uncertain Mezdi opens directly to the attack on Fabrizio by him ’coloring page’ to name a few. What Mezdi, however, do not know is that it increasingly seems like that Was really what would like colors with Fabrizio… Jeremy let himself opnaaien by BG (bloedje geil)-Matthew. Rick jumps even between and says not a ’referee’ to want to be. Tireily trying to add a little extra to do by reporting that they are chosen out of 5000 boys and men, them had better fear. However, say the gentlemen glad to have been with the confrontation. Tim still has more confidence in him after the Temptation and groom’s ends.


In both camps is there is doubt or the deceivers and verleidsters or tell the truth about the confrontation. A lot of time to this chat is not there because that same evening the first party of start. The alcohol begins to do its work, and Kevin gossips in the Great with temptress, Yana. First, he says, still sweet things as that it is ’a treasure of a woman, “but called her then” koekeroend’, which boils down to ’stupid me’.

Megan and Joshua have a little rendezvous in the bedroom, where they plaktattoo on him paste. Although Megan sees it as nothing special, is the single Joshua, however, is convinced: “Kevin? I think his friend is lost.”

Vanessa seems to be still on her Jeremy-cloud. So she assures tempter Matthew: “There is no temptation for me, not really.” In the dagboekhutje tells them for the umpteenth time how much they Jeremy than misses.

Code red

Watchdog Jeremy likes to turn his buddy Kevin in the eye and call him to order when Kevin it’s a little too cozy with a number of verleidsters. Apparently, the same guard dog distracted when Kevin runs away to the beach with the bachelor Cherish. In the meantime, state Mezdi under the shower, Laetitia, then his ear, licking. I’m curious how Daniëlle on which images are going to respond when that float around the campfire. Mezdi repacked themselves and don’t know how quickly he legs, must take to his bedroom, after he realizes that the earlier incident wrong may be perceived.

Daniëlle is again not of Fabrizio way to save. She shares all sorts of information about her friend Mezdi, but not that the bachelor is the same information in his mind does, and when necessary will use it to get her to play.

After these two episodes it is not a question of whether one of the partners vreemdgaat, but when. Draaideurvreemdganger Kevin, who are Megan and no less than five times betrayed, now has all eyes focused. Mezdi also seems a bit in the danger zone to have broken down, while his girlfriend Was constantly in the company of Fabrizio is. The other men and women of the couples, the first two days and well know how to behave, but the real Temptation-fan knows already that that may just change after the first campfire.


In both episodes, it seems that the shrewd Fabrizio quickly to the heart of Danielle knows how to conquer. They are inseparable from each other, which, according to the tattoo artist worrisome for Mezdi is, then when he her from the beginning continuously will touch it. Are Danielle and Fabrizio the new Lize and Ken?


Tim only seems to have an eye for his Deborah and his marriage plans with her. He even goes so far that he notes down that only She is welcome in his room. Very nice he is during the first two episodes.


Kevin lives in the same town in Belgium as a temptress, Yana. In the Ostend chatting the two duck end road, where he first indicates that Megan is a treasure of a woman, but then he calls her a ’koekeroend’, which translate as stupid me. Megan said that she really does not want that he would afzeiken on tv, but this seems like he’s on day two, all to be forgotten.

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