Family Tokkie ‘name cleanse’ with single

The family Ruijmgaart-Tokkie wants a muzieksingle release. In this way, the notorious family, who in 2004 became known through their participation in a documentary series, their name pure.

That is what they have told Shownews.

The Amsterdam family wants, with the release of a single from the debts. Also want to mother Hanna of their bad name.

“With my parents involves the total is not good,” says the daughter of Hanna Tokkie and Gerrie Ruijmgaart against News. “With my father going to the bad because of his throat cancer, and with my mother to the physically and spiritually poor. The greatest wish of my mother is her name pure. We are going to come out. Now comes part two.”

The family wants to go again occur and a single release, although they are not really able to sing. “Let’s be clear, we are not singers, but we are going to just do it and we will see what it brings us,” said the daughter of Hanna and Gerrie.

Of Dale

“Tokkie” is a synonym for “antisocial”, since their participation in a tv documentary about the ins and outs of the family in the neighbourhood Slotermeer. The word is even with that definition in the Dictionary.

In 2009, demanded the family is still a ton of compensation, because they did not want their last name was associated with antisocial behaviour.

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