Bo boudewijn Van Spilbeeck: it is a liberation

VTM NEWS journalist Boudewijn boudewijn Van Spilbeeck yesterday, in a personal message to be made known that from now on he through life as a woman. As of today, Baldwin Bo. This morning called the Qmusic-ochtendtrio Sam De Bruyn, Wim Oosterlinck and Heidi Van Tielen and the Joe ochtendduo Sven Ornelis and Anke Buckinx her on to congratulate her for her courageous decision, just before she found her first day, as Bo begins.

Bo with Qmusic: “I go the people some time have to give to get used to it”

The Qmusic-dj’s asked Bo how her feeling was after they had made known. “Really a feeling of supreme happiness. I did not expect that so many positive comments on them. I know for sure that the adjust is going to be, because I am 28 years old been on television as a man. I’m going to, of course, the same knowledge, but I’m going to the people certainly should be a time to get used to me as a woman,” said Bo.

Bo also told me that they not all years is unfortunate, but that there is something missing: “There is always that little bit of been that wrong. I stood there, I went along to sleep, 365 days per year. And yes, that is always the issue, but I thought the time is not ripe, then I thought I was too old to become and yes… eventually I’ll do it now anyway.”

“It really is a liberation,” says Bo with Joe

When Joe told Bo that they have been here for many months is doing: “I am a half a year ago with my transition started. I have since two months of female hormones and soon a series of operations. But now is the head off, the fact that it is now in the public domain has come, is very fine. The fact that I can now come to work as who I am, and as I always have felt have. I was a little nervous for the moment, but it was actually a liberation.”

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