Billengrijper Taylor Swift gets the bomb

David Mueller, the radio dj who in 2013 trespassed would have on the buttocks of Taylor Swift during a meet & greet, and, therefore, lost his job, started on a very unpleasant way, with his new job. The man got an email with a bomb. The police were quickly on the spot with specially trained dogs, to the property to check. There were no explosives found.

The appointment of Mueller to his new employer, KIX 92.7 fell anyway not good for the fans of Swift. Surely now the Time’s Up and #MeToo-movements such worldwide acclaim, he understands not why a man who was found guilty of unacceptable behaviour, simply get a new program on a different drive. The director of the station, Larry Fuss, is buried under criticism, but does little of.

“I have a conversation with David had, and he explained what according to him happened. I believe him and think that Taylor is not the truth has been told. In addition, almost all of the responses that I get on the adoption of David hardly take it seriously. It is mainly fuck you. On that kind of messages I won’t go in,” said Fuss.

The federal police are going to the bomb to examine it more closely.

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