Big names at The Gala of the Golden K’s 2017

For the fifth edition of The Gala of the Golden K’s picks up a Teen again great. Saturday 3 February at Paleis 12 in Brussels, thousands of children and a lot of known people expected. During a sparkling award show we get to know who, or what, in the last year the most popular was the Flemish children in the media, the showbiz and the sport. Who wins, is the choice of the Teen-spotlight: more than 37,000 children brought their voice out through the Ketnet app and
The show will be broadcasted on Ketnet on Sunday 4 February. But who wants to, can Saturday all live through the Teen-app or During a Red Carpet show prior to the Gala, get the Ketnetters even a unique look behind the scenes.

The Gala of the Golden K’s an established value in BV-land’ is clear to see from the list uitreikers of the prices. The Golden K’s are handed out by, among others, Marie and Victor Verhulst, Adriaan Van den Hoof, Mathias Vergels, Aaron Wade, ‘Youtubers’ Girl Djamila and Enzo Knol, rijzenden star Salahdine Ibnou Kacemi (SLM) and Soufiane Eddyani, Gers Pardoel, Stan Van Samang, Nora Gharib, Karen Damen, James Cook, Michiel De Meyer, Angeline Flor Pua and Kristel Verbeke.
With performances by Gers Pardoel, Regi, Niels Destadsbader, Ghost Rockers, Teen Musical Team U. P. and Laura Tesoro, it promises a party to be.

Saturday is the Gala live on the Ketnet-app and But the Ketnetters also get a look behind the scenes during the Red Carpet show prior to the Gala. An hour to get the viewers a unique look behind the scenes.
Teen-vloggers Zita Wauters and Junes Callaert receive all the well-known guests. Zita aims to what they expect from the Gala and Junes challenges them with different games. Viewers at home can go online and ask questions to the guests and choose which games the BV’s need to play. Showbizz Bart

This year there are some new categories introduced. Vloggers and Youtubers are hot and are even for children, is immensely popular. Saturday, February 3 for the first time a Golden K award for ‘Youtube star’ award. Nominees are Girl Djamila (most famous Dutch female vlogger with 600,000 subscribers on YouTube), Dylan Haegens (Netherlands vlogger with two Youtube channels and 1.900.000 subscribers), Enzo Knol (Dutch vlogger with 1.700.000 subscribers on Youtube), and Zita Wauters (its 20 vlogs by the Teen’s Youtube channel, were already more than 3.700.000 views).
But also the TV stars are still totally in. Peter Van de Veire, Niels Destadsbader, Laura Tesoro and Staff Coppens chance to win the brand new Gold K for ‘TV star’ of the year.
Also completely new is the category ‘kiss’ of the year. The contenders are “Jonas & Mila’ and ‘Jana and Jimmy from Ghost Rockers, ‘Gamil & Emma from 4eVeR and last but not least ‘the’ kiss off ‘The doctor Bea show’.

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