Trump in the first State of the Union: ‘Slide differences aside’

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Donald Trump did last night his first State of the Union address as the president of the United States. He called on Democrats and Republicans to compromise.

An hour and wtwintig minutes spoke with Trump on Tuesday, as the tradition prescribes, both chambers of Congress. The president looked back on the achievements in its first year, in which ‘incredible progress’ and ‘extraordinary successes’ are recorded.

“Our country is strong because our people are strong,” said Trump, that his speech began by thanking health workers that in the past year people have been rescued in natural disasters or attacks.

“Since the election we have 2.4 million new jobs, including 200,000 new jobs in the industry alone. After years and years of loonstagnatie, we see finally rising wages, ” said the president, indicating that unemployment is at the lowest point in 45 years. According to the Republican, was the unemployment rate for the black and latino population never less.

End to ‘unfair trade’

Trump also referred to his tax reform. ‘Our massive tax cuts mean a huge relief for the middle class and small businesses, ” came the. ‘Since we have the tax reductions have been approved, approximately 3 million workers are additional tax deductions received – many of them for thousands of dollars per worker.’

The president stressed that his government in its first year, more regulation undo than any other government in history. Trump made up his own words, “an end to ‘the war against American energy,” the war against ‘beautiful, clean coal,’ and on ‘unfair trade’. “We expect agreements that they are fair and – very important – mutual’, says Trump.

Guantanamo remains open

President, Trump announced during his speech that he have a decree signed to the controversial prison at Guantanamo Bay to keep it open. Obama wanted to close, but the open was one of Trumps election promises.

He called the American people to unity. “Tonight, I call upon everyone to work out our differences set aside, and conformity.”

“We all share the same home, the same heart, the same destiny and the same American flag,” she said. “There was never a better time for the American dream to experience.’

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