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The 7 best movies of the week

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Oscarfavoriet ‘The shape of water’ towers far exalted above the ferris wheel from Woody allen’s ‘Wonder wheel’. The best films now in the cinema, selected by our filmrecensent Jeroen Struys.


The shape of water

The maid and the beast.

With thirteen nominations is ‘The shape of water’ the big favourite for the upcoming Oscars. And yet it is an excellent movie. ‘Full-on dare to go for the romance is a big risk,’ writes Steven De Foer, ” but if the mayonnaise takes, you can be a cinema again, old-fashioned along pack.’

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The post

The press versus president.

Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks to save journalism: no wonder that they are there at ‘The Standard’ for fall, I hear you thinking. True, but if Spielberg does that, especially a good film, that can count as a prequel to ‘All the president’s men’.

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The Florida project

Children on the edge of Disneyland.

You can be quite gloomy making films about poverty. The Films that you suppress, the films that you make angry, the films that you empathy to appeal to. And you can make a film such as ‘The Florida project’, where the energy and fun of spalling. It is just because you give to a young mother and her little daughter that you can get.

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Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

Mother with a mission.

With three billboards along the road requires a woman that the local police are finally making the rape and murder of her daughter. It demands righteousness: #TimesUp. But this film goes beyond hashtags and shows that behind vijandbeelden real people lie, with their own sensitivities and contradictions. The director of ‘In Bruges’ does that with as much nuance as exaggeration, humor, and with all the emotions from anger to regret. This is a masterclass in storytelling and a gripping film about people who have but people. Must-see.

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Star wars: The last jedi

One of the best in the series.

The new ‘Star wars’ comes with a animal-friendly undertone, not a little helped by the cute bird-like critters that look like puffins: the Porgs. They put Chewbacca in a dilemma: you can be a Porg to the spit to run and eat while his cute soortgenootjes watch?

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Paddington 2

The bear does it again.

In Brexit-times and export the not so United Kingdom are knuffelbaarste hero: not Noel Gallagher, but the less sinners bear Paddington. The story takes a dark turn, because it caressingly immigrant with brown skin is falsely of theft accused and in prison thrown. Luckily he can like no other rolls and syrup to the beard, lubricate. This film celebrates unabashedly old-fashioned, forgotten values such as optimism and naivety. You want the all the children.

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Wonder wheel

May be Woody allen’s last lap.

Make haste slowly, because the ‘Wonder wheel’ would be the last film of Woody Allen that is still in the cinema’s you can see. Hollywood lust him raw, now the bon ton is to distance themselves from men who are accused of (child)abuse. And no, it is not his best movie but that is all a very long time ago that we could say. The ‘Wonder wheel’ is a frivolous on the beach and no one makes that as nice as Woody Allen.

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