Putin is convinced that visit, Michel economy in both countries is good

3ab43be71d7153a5098668ab1afbfe9d - Putin is convinced that visit, Michel economy in both countries is good

Prime minister Charles Michel has Wednesday, Russian president Vladimir Putin met in his residence Novo-Ogariovo. ‘Your visit will be the economy of both our countries benefit’, said the Kremlinleider at the arrival of his Belgian guest.

Premier Michel here since Monday in Russia, where he yesterday a meeting with premier Dmitry Medvedev. This afternoon he was received by president Putin.

Putin stressed that before the start of their conversation, a positive attitude towards the journey of the Belgian prime minister to Russia. He was also the historical ties between the two countries. “This year diplomatic relations between Russia and Belgium 165 years old,” he said.

Charles Michel urged his side for an open dialogue. “It is important to talk about topics of mutual interest, such as security, the fight against terrorism and the situation in the south of the European Union. That should lead to a better understanding of each other’s views, ” he said. “The relations between Belgium and Russia, have ups and downs known, but we will always remain neighbors.’

The prime minister has informed, still, that he is with the Russian leader is also new partnerships wants to discuss, inter alia, on the economic front.

Novo-Ogariovo is a vast domain that is 30 km west of Moscow. The daily residence of the president is under the strict surveillance of the security service of the Russian federation.

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