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NBA. Harden put crazy record, Golden State runs a heavy defeat on

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Utah Jazz the Golden State Warriors by the end of Tuesday in the NBA the biggest defeat of the season concerned. The defending champion went down in Salt Lake City with 129-99 down. It was the eleventh loss for the Warriors this season. James Harden put in Houston a crazy record.

Ricky Rubio played 23 points and eleven assists an important role in the Utah Jazz. Joe Ingles and Donovan Mitchell came both to twenty points. The previous five meetings between the two teams was the Warriors, where Klay Thompson 27 points, still a win.

Cleveland Cavaliers, last season’s losing finalist, lost also. The Detroit Pistons went with a 125-114 at the longest end. Cleveland saw Kevin Love failure. He broke a bone in his left hand. It is not yet clear how long Love out will.

James Harden spent a record on his name. The star player of the Houston Rockets came into the team with a 114-107 victory against the Orlando Magic to sixty points, ten rebounds and eleven assists. Not previously in the NBA was a player in a so-called ‘triple-double’ to sixty points. The record stood in the name of the now 69-year-old Calvin Murphy, who in 1978 to 57 points. He then played for Houston Rockets.

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